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Abuse of moderator privelage

Well yeah i know this is not going to be posted, heck I wouldn't be surprised if I can't post at all but having read fully just what Kyth pulled at the last Aberdeen meet I am completely disgusted and outraged that a moderator would explicatly break the rules and not only there be no come back but for her to continue be supported.

This is really unacceptable and an internal review should be carried out into this.

UKFur down - but why ?

On the (very) longshot that an admin or global mod associated with UKFur reads this ....

What's happening ? o.o

Afaik, the website has been down since Saturday (sometime), lots of people are scratching their heads over it, but no-one in a position to know for sure has come out and explained what (if anything) is happening.

Could an update be posted here so we know what's happening and when it's expected to return ?

Thankies :-)


Londonfurs Summer Party

As you may or may not know, the Londonfurs Summer Party is being held on 30th July from 11am to 10pm at the Agenda Bar (Mincing Lane, London) and the theme is cowboys and indians:

The bar is much bigger than the usual place we hire, with a capacity of over 600. It has its own dedicated nightclub. We'll have two sets of DJs - one playing general music in the main bar and the other playing more clublike stuff in the nightclub. We've even got a half price drinks happy hour from 5-7pm, you lucky things.

It is all free entry to furs - just bring your ID and make sure you're over 18!

At the moment we're looking to see what events (if any) we'll be having that have prizes so watch this space.

One thing I can confirm is that we will be giving out prizes for the best theme costume. At the moment we'll be awarding best dressed male and best dressed female, with a runner up prize for each too. We may give a prize for best fursuit themed costume but we'll have to see.

Now in order to incentivise you buggers into making an effort the prizes are of a higher calibre than normal. In fact they hold true intrinsic value, they will appreciate in value, and they're furry themed too.

For the best dressed winners you shall each receive a 1/2oz Lydian Lion, and the runners up will receive a 1/4oz Lydian Lion

For those of you who don't know, a Lydian Lion is a replica of the first true coin ever minted around 600BC in what is now Turkey and directly preceeded Greek coinage. This is what they look like:

They're made of solid exchange and investment grade silver and, as they're portions of Troy Ounces, are directly tradable and valuable. Of course we hope you'd treasure them as the wonderful items they are

So, hopefully this will give you a kick up the bum to make an effort in the costume department!

Hope to see you all there!

Frantic Eufuria 4

The next Frantic Eufuria date has been set: Saturday November 5th 2011

This will be the first time in our new venue and we are very excited about this. We are combining both the dance and metal nights together into the same venue as we now have the facilities to do so!

Remember, all Frantic Eufuria events are 18+ only. And as usual,the Code of Conduct applies at all times. As usual we will have a feedback session on the Sunday morning, details of this will be announced soon.

Dance DJ's: Swolf, Spiritraptor, Black wolf and a guest DJ to be announced once confirmed!

Rock DJ's: Ravell, Black Wolf, Tryst and Graafen Blackpaw.

Prices: £3 entry fee, Accommodation from £16.40 per person per night (room type and booking dependant, prices will be confirmed at booking stage, breakfast is a £4.95 optional extra)

ENTRY REQUIREMENT: You will need your Frantic Eufuria event wristband and Security card key once you have signed in at registration.

The venue:

Bristol Youth Hostel,
14 Narrow Quay,

This event will start at 6pm and finish at 1am. You are welcome to arrive earlier during the day but dance floors will be off limits until event start.

For info on the venue, please see: The venue page on our website.

To register, please go to: The registration page on the website

If you have any questions or queries, please ask here or on the www.franticeufuria.org.uk/forums

Retard need sorting

Show of hands please on who wants MRFURFAG out of this group?
He needs to be banned due to horrendously fail trolling, spam and being a foul member of this community.

I dont know who the admin is, but this faggot needs sorting.

Thank You

I cant wait for your replies FURFAG.

venting about ukfur awards

 my opinion to me its one big huge popufur contest lame thing this award thing i really cant see the point of it despite it is just for fun but still a bad idea so sorry to say that but it is my opinion

other what is the point calling it ukfur award and leaving it just for tyhe forum why cant you admins at least move it to real life and everywhere else too because it is just silly idea to leave it on forum it is drama waiting to happen

all it is is just a lame contest and it is like the ffff torney thing

if i was ukfur forum admin i would not do a weird popufur contest thing cuz i know it is drama waiting to happen and sorry for a swear word but the award is fucking shit.

Need a roommate for EF16 quick!

Previous room-mate had to pull out so I'd like to arrange another one so I don't get in the random draw. My room selection is superior double, regular arrival and departure; PM me if interested.
Introducing our annual summer party; be part of the most delightful Hawaiian soirée this side Honolulu. Bigger and better than ever!

Grab your grass skirts, haul out your hawaiian shirts and get into the groove of our laid-back, luau vibe.

The party will be held on this Saturday 17th July 2010 from 12pm (noon) until 11pm. It will replace the usual LondonFur meet that day.

We have a new, larger venue especially for the party. The fabulous Wall Bar, Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1HU (http://www.thewallbar.co.uk/ )will host us for the full 11 hours.

Due to the fantastic generosity of our community we can afford to offer this evening free of charge! You will, of course, still have to pay for your own drinks and food!

For full details about this event, please take a moment to read through our event page (http://londonfurs.org.uk/aloha).

We're working hard to make this event the highlight of your year.
Lots of love,

~Agrajag, Bariki, Bunni, Lupus, Miles and Miyabi.

Please note, due to contractual obligations with the venue this meet and party are for OVER 18s ONLY. Sorry!

Hope to see as many of you there as possible!


Frantic EuFURia

New name, same format!

The next UKfur Rave (Frantic EuFURia) is to be held on SATURDAY June 12th (Yes, I got a freaking saturday!! ^.^ )

The plan goes as follows:

Free entry (please just spend at the bar)
Doors opening @ 7:30pm
Kick out @ 3am
DJ's: Swolf, Black Wolf, Jasper Foxx, Spirit Raptor

Music Genres: Dance, trance, electronica and other types of club music (sorry, no rock,thats what the metal night is for )

The venue:

Club Cavern,
Underneath the Crown Pub,
10 All Saints Lane,

As this is on a Saturday, we're opening doors earlier as people will have oodles of time to get there No late starting this time please!!

As always, we will have the meet up the following morning at the Wetherspoons, Knights Templar for people to disperse from (it's right next to Temple meads )

Tempted to run a small meet beforehand but we'll see how interest goes on this.

Who's up for a par-tay?

darn account lock ^^

account, on the board, has been locked, dure to accessive login attemps. doesn't seem to be allot i can do. can a mod or admin unlock me please

many thanks ^^

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